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- Sytemic analis -

Research of solutions is often proceeded by trial and error. Primarily, an idea, a concept has no dimension so why try to draw to scale 1:1 a concept which is yet to define. ...

C'est une image d'un engrenage qui est animé

For years we have used freehand drawings which does not have a scale and frees us from all constraints and lets us analyze several solutions so that we can choose the most appropriate one technically and financially. .

I - The Problem

We take the problematic into account through the specifications of contract, a meeting or a visit of the workshop.

II - Research

We have proceeded by several brainstormings for years. It allows us to see different solutions and different rough architectural outlines of the future system.

III - Systemic Analys

We choose the different solutions that are now a part of the architectural system that we have in mind. At this stage, the question of the value has already been tackled.

IV - Mind Mapping* :

Nota : The sketch makes us look for simple solutions, which is another analysis of the value.

*Mind mapping

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