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C'est une image d'un engrenage qui est animé

- Our methodology -

V - Our sketches are accomplished drafts :

Croquis bureau d'étude technique

At this step our sketches allow us to :

Nota :Our discussions with our different partners also leads to an analysis of the value.

Chariot de manutention


3D animation if needed

VII - Conclusion

We have been using freehand drawings for years and we have never found a limit to this method, it has always helped us resolve the technical problems that we had to face. If some of the concepts shown on the sketches seem simple it is good since it is what we are looknig for: «Why do complicated when we must do simple?»

We are used to work on a A4 format, whatever the size of the system that we have to develop and whatever its complexity. We invite you to consult the gallery "Our products" which shows a sample of our work in various and nonrepetitive areas for which it was «the first time»....

We thank you for your interest and invite you to consult the page An example through sketch ".

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